Friday, 20 July 2012

Acrylic Forensics with Mackenzie Donegan

Name: Mackenzie Donegan
City: Ottawa, Ontario
Date: 20/07/2012

1. What subject matter do you enjoy painting the most?
When it comes to painting I enjoy pushing paint beyond it's physical limits. I've been investigating a self created painting style 'Acrylic Forensics' for approximately 8 years now.
It is artwork based on abstraction that stimulates a thought process, through an application process. The physical and visual play of the medium creates abstract forms, which I find inspire multiple associations for viewers.  I have always been curious about extending the medium of paint beyond the rectangle so to speak.  Acrylic Forensics act as a fusion between painting and sculpture, which were two categories of art that in the beginning were meant to oppose each other. 

In what ways can art benefit people? 
Art can be therapeutic for people.  I believe that everyone should try investigating a creative outlet of some kind. They may be surprised by the outcome.

3. Which games do you enjoy most? 

 I  enjoy board games and card games, Fluxx is my favorite card game and Scrabble is my favorite board game.

4. What are a few "staples" that you regularly purchase when you go grocery shopping?

I'm pretty boring when it come to what I eat.  I generally 'eat like a caveman' so here's a couple things I always buy: bananas, tomatoes, spinach and green peppers. 
(I always thought cavemen ate dinosaurs)

 5. Which artist(s) from the past would you like to meet, and what would you ask them?

There are so many I want to meet and would have wanted to meet it's hard to narrow it down.
Wim Delvoye, Jeff Koons Sculpture, Rube Goldberg, Meret Oppenheim, Antony Gormley, John Baldessari, Jim Dine, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Aldous Huxley, Anais Nin, Norman Rockwell, Ad Reinhardt, Salvador Dalí, Roger Dean, Lynda Benglis, Marcel Duchamp, Cindy Sherman, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Gerhard Richter, Banksy, Gerhard Richter and David Lynch of course.
Some of these are authors and film directors but I find their work just as inspiring as some of the fine artists I've mentioned. I would want to know what inspired or inspires them, what they are passionate about? What their favorite medium and or style of art, writing or creating is? Why did they embark on the creative paths they have chosen? So many questions I would ask.

6. Tell us what has been your favorite outing this year, thus far.
I would say my favorite outing was the Canada Day festivities I participated in.  My partner and I were away all weekend.  My aunt had a BBQ swimming party complete with a full band in their Oasis of a backyard.  Seriously, this place has palm trees and a tiki hut.  After the party we drove to Hawkesbury Ontario, way out into nowhere land to a large property owned by my partner's uncle.  We had another BBQ and constructed a bon fire over 30 feet in height.  I'll show you photos some time. ( I stole one from the interwebz >:D ) We had to notify the fire dept. not to drop a helicopter of water on us. 

 7. Create the most disgusting dessert you can think of.  
Warthog penis pie! I actually came up with quite a few but this one sounded pretty disgusting.
(*Beurk* You are very right!)(... Side Note: Never google that...)

 8. In your opinion, what is the most fun media/technique to use in painting? How do you do it?

I'll explain to you 'Acrylic Forensics' for this question as it is my very favorite technique. I use acrylic paint that is first applied in a multiplicity of colourful layers which cover the entire surface of a selected object etc. This now layered object is sliced into and stretched back, revealing layered skins of paint. This process is just the beginning of manipulating the visual with these forensic incisions. This now physical and visual play of the medium creates abstract forms, which inspire multiple associations. Wonder and mystery of these objects is not just part of the final image for me, but part of the making process. My ultimate outcome is to continue creating imagery that overwhelms the viewer's visual stimulation as well as control paint to its fullest potentials exploring physical and visual properties.

9. What do you think about homemade online video tutorials?  
I feel that they can be a good thing.  You can take from them what you will as long as you understand that they are a foundation for which you can explore and grow from.  Expanding on a thought, idea or method is the best way to learn.

 10. If you could meet any 3 people (dead or alive) who would you choose? Why? What would you ask them?
  (I know this question is similar to question # 5, but there is a difference between meeting artists from the past and meeting any 3 people who have ever existed!)
I would definitely want to meet Jim Morrison. The doors have always been my favorite band.  I love Jim's poetic, dark lyrics and I am curious of his mysterious demise.  I find his means for expressing himself to be unique and inspiring.  I would ask him how he really died, if he could do it all over again would he take so many drugs and drink so much alcohol and if he would sign every single piece of memorabilia I own. 
Secondly, I have made it a life long dream to meet David Lynch.  He is my favorite director of all time. He intrigues me beyond belief with the way his films portray states of lucid dreaming as reality in a sort of alternate universe sort of fashion so to speak.  I would ask him if I could be in one of his films, if he has anymore plans to experiment with music (he has been doing so recently) who his favorite actor to work with was and if he would come to my house for supper.

Lastly I would say Gerhard Richter.  He is one of my favorite artists. He has some signature work for sure but the man is extremely versatile with his style.  I would want to know what his favorite style to work with is.  What inspires him and what he likes to do when he's not art making.     

  Eevee Asks: "How do you keep your face so silky smooth looking?"

Tell Eevee that I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and use a mild Aveeno facial cleanser.  To assist my pores in breathing, I don't wear foundation.  I hope that helps her out some.

11. What shows or projects do you have coming up

I'm currently working on paintings and drawings in styles other than acrylic forensics at the moment.  A lot of realism type of work right now with painting and doodle based ink drawings.  I'm hoping to start displaying in some small venues in the fall.  Right now I'm just focusing on getting a brand new website in order and exploring new art forms.

If you'd like to find out more about Mackenzie and her art, check out her website, below!

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