Monday, 23 July 2012

A Twisted Perspective on Things

Name : Aditya Sharma /
         Twisted Perspective
City : Roorkee, Uttarakhand,

Date: July 23, 2012
1. What is your favorite way of creating music?
My fav. way is by Using Lots of Open Pads and Soundscapes with Field Recordings.....


David Rocco
2. If you coould pick any outfit to look and feel your best in, what would it look like?
I would Like to have a Look like a common Italian man...

Like David Rocco .. haha
He looks Good! 

3. Is there anything you're afraid of?
Afraid of.... Ummm... Loneliness perhaps.... of the day when I have to Leave my family..... That'd be real bad :(
 (Dawww Momma's Boy <3. That's sweet.)

4. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Ah! Bugs Bunny for sure!

5. What is your favorite vegetable? What makes it better than the rest?
Fav. vegetable..... Ladyfinger(Okra).

 6. When you create soundscapes, what feeling do you wish to bring to your audience?
Creating Soundscapes is a really typical task sometimes.... I want usually to bring out the best of the mood from the listener.... I actually 'Dream' of different and unusual places many times.... Mostly in nature.... in a forest... and some chord pad is being played through my ear..... The same effect I want to create.... to let audience merge into themselves.... :) Love..... even it is in dark state... 

7.What is the first thing you think of when you hear/read the word "Radiance" ?
 The word Radiance creates a view before me in which there is a early morning time And the leaves are being Lighted up before the unborn Sun.... Much Like you can see in the 2nd Last Shot in the Video "Another Quiet Morning" By The Eternal Twilight..... Its Beauty....

 8. What did you have for dinner last night? Is this a regularly occurring dish in your household? 
Last night I had 
Puri with Aloo Tamatar
Its quite regular...

9. Imagine it's 20 years in the future. Where are you? How has your audience changed since 2012?
I will hope myself to find in a better place.... Free from fake politics.... war.... hatred.... A lush 
Aloo Tamatar
 of nature is everywhere....
 green lands.... Rivers and
 all! Also a Better
 architecture.... hehe (That
 sounds really nice! I hope it
 turns out like that, too!)

 10. What are some things you do on your days off? 
 I do not actually have any day off. I just take some days and go to my Home... To relax... away from Internet or facebook... music creation and my 3D Career.

Eevee Asks: "India is such a neat looking place! I hear they have many types of felines. Have you ever personally met a tiger?
If yes, were you scared?
If no, would you ever try to cuddle one if the opportunity came around?"
Hello Eevee!!! Yeah, I met a tiger once..... But in the zoo... But i couldn't Touch it. Lol I was a kid. 

Crysis 4
11.What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

More Music... Better Friendship and Collaborations... Also Some Super Games Like Crysis 4!!


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