Sunday, 29 July 2012

Running with Hakobune

Name: Takahiro Yorifuji
City: originally from Hyogo,
          currently in Tokyo
Date: 7/29/12

1.Do you ever try to create specific
settings through your music? 
Not specifically. However, I like that 
people feel or imagine something 
when they listen to my music.
2. What are some things you do to prepare yourself for a recording session? 
Guitar and pedals. I usually make music in the morning.
3. What is your favorite meal to cook? 
4. What do you do for fun in your city?
I like going to shows where I get to meet 
a lot of friends.There is a decent scene 
for music under the experimental music
umbrella in Tokyo. I also make noise music, 
and perform at shows sometimes.
I liked biking when I used to live in Kyoto,
but Tokyo isn't as bike-friendly of a city
compared to Kyoto.
5. How do you feel about the transit system where you live?
I wouldn't complain about the trains and subways here in Tokyo,
however, I would prefer biking.
6. What is your favorite color?
7. What are some of your favorite artists?
Too many to mention! I lately listen to slowcore and harsh noise as
well as drone and ambient.
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose, and why? 
Scandinavia. I've always to wanted to live there.
9. Do you have any secret talents that not many
people know about?
I can go down stairs really fast. 
 10. What is the coolest thing you have in
 your living room?
I would say my Takamine acoustic guitar.
Sorry, there is nothing really interesting in my living room..
(That's interesting enough!)
Eevee asks: "Do you have any pets? "
I have a 18 year old dog in my home town. 
I would get a cat if I could.

11. What projects do you have coming out soon,
 that people should keep an eye out for?
I will be releasing CDs from Rural Colours, 
Nomadic Kids Republic,and Murmur Records.
Tapes from Chemical Tapes, Fabrica Records, 
Phage Tapes, Sacred Phrases, Dark Era Tapes, and Abgurd.
Vinyls from Install and Greenup Industries.

(Busy man!)
Check out Takahiro's work as Hakobune! It's really quite beautiful!


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