Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cogs and Corsets with Robin Dostaler

Name: Robin Dostaler
City: Ottawa
Date: July 17th, 2012

1. How long does it take you(on average) to create a piece?
It depends on what I am making. Most jewellery pieces, an hour. Paintings and corsets, 15 to 25 hrs respectively.


2. Where do you go to sell your products?
Anime conventions, Comic conventions and local one day markets. I also supply a shop in Almonte with jewellery, JB Arts.

3. How many cats do you have? Name 1 thing about each of their attitudes that sets them apart from each other.
Five! Five kitty cats! Ah! Ah! Aaaah!
Crimson - He seems cantankerous but in reality he is just chatty and wants attention.
Cyan - Dare devil kitty. She always flops down really close to the edge of the couch or bed and sends people running thinking that she will go over the side.
Zoltar - Is it food time?! I think it is food time. *eats...3 minutes later* Is it food time???!!
Pushkin - He knows damn well he is freaking adorable.
Miette - Must play all the time!! All. the. time. It's 4am, perfect time to play fetch!

4. If you HAD to sing one song at karaoke, which song would you most likely sing?
If they had Social Distortion, something by them. If not, Johnny Cash. If they didn't
have either, the Trololo song and if they didn't have any of those songs, I'd eat the karaoke machine.

5. What is one thing you like when it comes to retail customer service?
The conversations I have with clients. They can get downright hilarious and everyone ends up laughing.

6. Which of your pieces did you enjoy creating the most?
Probably Mr. Monocle, my Steampunk Bird Mascot.

7. What is the craziest outfit you've ever worn?
The one that got the most attention was a dress made of saran wrap. I wore a string bikini underneath and I wore this in the dead of winter. Very warm! No, it really was. :)

8. What are some of your favorite smells?

Amber, Egyptian Musk and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

9. If you were to branch out your business into including something new, what would
it be?
Oh my stars, what wouldn't it be?!! Ha! I'd love to get into shoes or making furniture.

10. Do you like cartoons? If so, what are some of your favorites and why?
YES!!! Anime counts as 'cartoons' right? The cartoons today are nowhere near as cool as they were when I was a kid so I turned to anime.

Eevee Asks: "You sure  like you like us kitties a lot! Does your kitties help with the chores at all? Does they helps you make the art stuffs?" 
  Hi Eevee!! Miette tries to help when I sweep by attaching herself to the bristly part of the broom and letting me sweep her across the floor.
Zoltar will let me swish him across the floor if the broom is not around.
Pushkin puts things away for me (read: hides jewellery and jewellery supplies)
The other two cheer the rest of the kitties on. They will all try to help when I am working with wire and trying to wrap something. They chase the wire, I mean,
keep it in check for me. It can get unruly, you know!

11. What do you have coming up that we should all know about?
Hopefully the Punk Ottawa Fleamarket and definitely the Ottawa Geek Market. www.facebook.com/OttawaGeekMarket

Now, Look at what Robin has done!!! (See Below)


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